Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear friends, welcome

Since I have noticed that I am getting an increasing number of visits to my blog from outside of Italy, I thought it was time to write my first post in English.
I originally started this blog to get comments on my pictures from other photographers or anyone passionate about photography. Since the early days of the blog I have been fortunate enough to be involved in two exhibitions in my home city of Palermo (Sicily) and the feedback has been very positive so far.
I have been really into photography for quite a long time since buying my first "proper" 35mm dSLR camera (Canon EOS 30) but my real job is in a completely different field.
In an ideal world I would like to be earning my living travelling the world and taking pictures. In the meantime, I am using most of my free time perfecting my technique and hoping to catch those elusive moments and light that really make for a great photo.
In the next few weeks I will translate this blog to english and you will be able to find it here.
In the meantime any comments and/or critics on my pictures, as well as other questions, are more than welcome and you can leave them whether in this or in the other blog.

My next posts will be about our last trip to Japan, so make sure to check out the blog in the next few days.

I am leaving you with a quick preview from Kyoto.

In case anyone is interested, all the photos on this blog are for sale. You can find my contact details on my blogger profile or you can leave a comment for further information.

With best wishes,