Friday, March 11, 2011

My Sweet Heart

My Sweet Heart, inserito originariamente da Hawkea.

you didn't make a peep
while your "sweet heart" did sleep
dreams are hers to keep
may she never have to weep

Yesterday night Luna fell asleep hugging her favourite cushion. And I couldn't resist taking a few shots. We were in almost complete darkness hence I had to pump up the ISO to 1600 and open the diaphragm to 1.8. The canon 50mm 1.8 doesn't really shine at 1.8, but I don't really care in this case. She's just too cute, isn't she? And of course I had to play with selective colours given that red heart and her rosy cheeks :)

The poem above is as usual courtesy of my flickr friend Iris (eyewrisz).
Thank you, that is lovely!!

Have a great evening my friends and thanks for all the lovely comments you've been leaving in my stream.

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